We presently have a small number of children & youth. They enjoy the Praise & Worship and the Testimonies before going to their own activities, including monthly youth services led by Sister Genevieve. Our children & youth are excelling.

Our youth and children follow a program of Biblical education that is presented in varied formats including video; drawing; making things; colouring; drama; singing and quizzes. The services deal with life issues and how to live life in a way that pleases God. The youth periodically bring something to the main service and put on major performances during the Christmas period.  Each August many of our youth have been to a multi-church youth retreat held in Wales. This features lively praise and worship, a choice of teaching classes, sports activities and some more exciting things like water slides with foam; and options for additional offsite activities such as quad biking or jet skiing. There is often a formal dinner night too.

Our teachers are properly vetted and our Senior Pastor, David French has been a Safeguarding champion for the Safe Network who has helped train many other church leaders from across Lewisham and he also acts as Lead Recruiter at the church, and currently sits on the Lewisham Children's Safeguarding Board as well as having served as the elected Chair of the Children and Young People's Forum, Lewisham from October 2012 - November 2015.