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Below are a selection of messages ministered at CTRM over the past few years:


The Soul that God Loves (pt 12)        upload pending from Apr 22

The Surrendered Soul (pt 11)          upload pending from Apr 15

The Soul's Bright Morning (pt 10)     upload pending from Apr 8

The Dark Night of the Soul (pt 9)      upload pending from Apr 1

The Quieted Soul (pt 8)                    upload pending from Mar 25

The Soul (part 7) A Grateful Soul          Pastor David French

A woman to stand in the gap                  Pastor Sandra French

Rest for the Soul (no 6)                               upload pending from March 3

Your soul is on a journey   (no 5)                 upload pending from Feb 18

How to grow your soul (no 4)                Pastor David French

Reposition your soul for favour  (no 3)     Pastor David French

What shape is your soul in? (no 2)          Pastor David French

The Soul (no 1)                                            Pastor David French

The Year of Favour                              Pastor David French


Recapturing your dreams                       Pastor David French

Obey, say, stay                                    Pastor David French

The Parable of the Ark                           Pastor David French

Laws of life, death & the Spirit                  Pastor Sandra French

Protect Yourself                                    Sister Genevieve French

Stop Hesitating and Choose God               Pastor David French

Step outside the box                                       Pastor Sandra French

Handling Disappointment                                Pastor David French

Let go of your Joseph and believe God   Pastor David French


Suffering - The Olive Press                      Pastor David French

True Religion is Raw                                        Pastor David French

Make Your Light Shine                                     Bro Francis Okonkwo

Have you got your Passport?                          Sis Genevieve French

The Vapour Trail                                              Pastor David French

Spirit of Caleb                                                  Pastor David French

Your Preparation Will Determine Your Outcome  Pastor Sandra French

When Darkness is a Friend (Depression)       Pastor David French

Gates of Hades                                                          Pastor David French


2 Fathers & 1 son                                           Pastor Sandra French

The Wisdom of Sight                              Pastor David French

Dead but Alive                                      Pastor David French

The Death of Aaron                                Pastor David French

You've got the keys!                                Deaconess Deon Thompson

Your Rehoboth Stage                              Bishop T H Baxter

Step Out                                              Deaconess Deon Thompson

God has a Bigger Plan                             Pastor Sandra French

The Futiility of Saul                                 Pastor David French (approx 1 hour)

The Spirit of Wisdom                               Pastor David French (part - about 23 mins)

Built to Last                                          Pastor David French

The Prudent                                         Pastor David French (part -about 30 mins)


The Shadow of Death                             Pastor David French

How to walk in God's Favour                     Bro Francis Okonkwo

Jude's Last Word                                   Overseer Ezzard Nelson

Recharge Your Battery                                    Pastor David French

Father Hood or Father Good                        Pastor David French

Understanding Communion                            Pastor Sandra French

God is not Finished with you yet                     Pastor Sandra French

The Gift of Tongues                                         Elder Dave Cave

Shipwreck or Lordship                                     Pastor David French

The Fire Bringer                                              Pastor David French

Jesus is still in the Boat                                   Pastor Sandra French

New Wine                                                       Minister Chacko Thomas

The Supremacy Of Wisdom                           Pastor David French